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  • Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism: Considered in Their Fundamental Principles, by Juan Donoso Cortes, Marquis of Valdegamas, translated from the Spanish by Rev. William McDonald, A.B., S.Th.L. (Dublin: M.H. Gill & Son, 1879). May be read online and available in pdf, epub, djvu, kindle/mobi, Daisy, and txt formats at Online Library and Internet Archive.

On the anniversary of the Battle of Savenay (23 December 1793), the last major engagement of the War of the Vendee, in which devout Catholics defended their freedom as Christians of the one true Church and fearlessly defied the genocidal liberalism of revolutionary France. For other legally free ebooks, you may access the List of Free eBooks (Arranged by Title) and the List of Free eBooks (Grouped by Subject). Dieu le-Roi!

“We have only one honor in the world,
It is the honor of Our Lord.
We have only one glory in the world,
It is the glory of Our Lord.”
(A Vendean hymn, quoted by the Maronite Monks of the Adoration)