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  • Catholic Church and Christian State: a Series of Essays on the Relation of the Church to the Civil Power, Volume 2, translated, with the permission of the author, from the German of Dr. Joseph Hergenröther (London: Burns and Oates, 1876). May be read online, and available in pdf, djvu, epub, kindle/mobi, Daisy, and txt formats, at Internet Archive. Volume 2 contains the following essays:

IX. The Pope and the Holy Roman Empire;
X. The Popes and Their Vassal Kingdoms;
XI. Boniface VIII, and Philip the Fair;
XII. Gifts of Lands Made by the Pope and the Donation of Constantine;
XIII. The Doctrine of the Superiority of the Church and of Her Authority in Matters Temporal;
XIV. Origin of the Civil Power and the Right of Resisting It;
XV. Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction;
XVI. The Punishment of Heresy and the Inquisition;
XVII. The Church and Liberty of Conscience; and
XVIII. Claims of the Pope since the Sixteenth Century.

On the Memorial of St. Thomas Becket, Bishop and Martyr, in the Roman rite; and in remembrance of Bishop Anton Mahnič (Antun Mahnić), champion of Slovene and Croatian Catholicism (14 September 1850 – 30 December 1920). For other legally free ebooks, you may access the List of Free eBooks (Arranged by Title) and the List of Free eBooks (Grouped by Subject) Viva Cristo Rey! 

If he will not listen to them, then speak of it to the church; and if he will not even listen to the church, then count him all one with the heathen and the publican. I promise you, all that you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and all that you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (St. Matthew 18:17-18)

“You know well enough that it is the saints who will pass judgement on the world; and if a world is to abide your judgement, are you unfit to take cognizance of trifling matters? You have been told that we shall sit in judgement on angels; how much more, then, over the things of common life?” (1 Corinthians 6:2-3)