All links to ebooks by Etienne Gilson (d. 19 September 1978) and Jean Danielou (d. 20 May 1974) have been deleted, out of concern that these books may not yet be in the public domain. All links to ebooks by Jacques Maritain (d. 28 April 1973) that are not published online at the Jacques Maritain Center have also been removed for the same reason.

Update (31 December 2013, 2030h):

We have deleted all links to online copies of books by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow (d. 31 August 1987), Yves Congar (d. 22 June 1995), Christopher Dawson (d. 25 May 1970), Jean Guitton (d. 21 March 1999), and Bishop B.C. Butler, O.S.B. (d. 20 December 1986); all links to books by Karl Adam (d. 1 April 1966), Archbishop Fulton Sheen (d. 9 December 1979), Romano Guardini (1 October 1968), and John Hardon, S.J. (30 December 2000) on Internet Archive; and all links to books by His Beatitude Patriarch Maximos IV Sayegh (d. 5 November 1967) not published on the websites of the Melkite Greek Catholic church.

We have also deleted all links to ebooks published in the last 50 years that were not published or placed online by, or with the permission of, the authors, publishers, the author’s religious institute, or (in the case of journals, theses, dissertations) academic institutions, especially where we do not have biographical information on the authors themselves. This includes links to books by Charles Couturier, C.J. Dumont, O.P., William J. Nagle (editor), J.H. Walgrave, and T. Worden.

Advice on the copyright status of these ebooks, and the other ebooks and texts linked to on this blog, would be most appreciated.