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  • Albanian Catholic Bulletin (Buletini Katolik Shqiptar), Volume 15 (The Daniel Dajani, S.J. Albanian Catholic Institute, 1994). Includes “Calvary in Kosova: Albanian Catholics in the Former Yugoslavia” by Lush Gjerji, among other articles. May be read online at the University of San Francisco-Gleeson Library Digital Collections.

In remembrance of the Battle of Albulena or Ujëbardha (2 September 1457 AD) in which George Kastrioti SkanderbegChampion of Christ and Hero of Albania, defeated the invading army of the Ottoman Empire and helped delay the Islamic onslaught on Christian Europe, almost unaided by the West which ignored the call of Pope Callistus III for a Crusade. Although Catholic Albania fell after Skanderbeg’s death and withered after four centuries of Islamic rule, we must not forget how her knights and soldiers fought and died to hold the gates of Christendom.

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