We wish to express as our own this “Lament on the Resignation of Pope Benedict the Magnificent“:

And the gates of Hades will not prevail against the Church, promised the Lord, and fulfilled it in you. For the world did not only reject the grace by which God raises our nature to Himself; it denounced even the nature He had made, making human life an optional value before selfishness and sin. But its culture of death could not topple the pillar and foundation of truth, which God the Son had set upon the Blessed Rock…

Your Holiness, while our minds accept that you must go, our hearts do not—not yet—, and they are very broken. There is so much undone that may never now be accomplished, so many wounds to mend that may never now be healed. We thought you’d be with us for many more years, and that thought gave us some peace, even when the world made war on our souls. And now those years are cut to 16 days…. (See more.)

Let us pray with faith for the one true Church, that her next Pontiff will continue the restoration begun by Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI; and for our abdicating Pope, that after he lays down his apostolic office, he might find rest and renewed health. God bless him, and God keep us!