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  • “The Economics of Monasticism” (paper), by Nathan Smith, Department of Economics, George Mason University (September 6, 2009). Part of the ASREC/ARDA Working Paper Series. Available in PDF format at this page of the Association of Religion Data Archives. Its abstract on this page notes: “…Monasteries, in principle and largely in practice, are a form of society based on consent of the governed, unlike liberal states which preach but do not practice consensual governance, and it is interesting to juxtapose the real, live ‘social contracts’ of the monasteries with the notional social contracts of liberal political theory.” [N.B., The paper applies secular economic analysis to monasticism and demonstrates why it has contributed so much to civilization. I’m still trying to determine Mr. Smith’s religion, but his paper seems orthodox.]

On the Feast of Saint Saba (Sabbas) the Abbot in the Maronite Catholic church and the Latin church (Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite), and the Memorial of Saint Fructuosus of Braga, Saint Martin of Braga and Saint Gerald of Braga in the Latin church (Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Calendar of Portugal).