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  • The Life of St. Cajetan, Count of Tiene, Founder of the Theatines, translated from the Italian by Lady Herbert, with a preface by the Bishop of Salford (London: Thomas Richardson and Son, 1888). Available at Open Library and Internet Archive. [Internet Archive shows the original author to be Maria Giuseppe Zinelli, and the full name of the translator to be Baroness Mary Elisabeth À Court Herbert Herbert. A commenter on Internet Archive, Antonio Manno, stated: “This is an english translation from D. GIUSEPPE, M. ZINELLI, Memorie istoriche della vita di S. Gaetano Thiene, Venezia, presso Simone Occhi, 1753, a rare book of which only one copy exists in the italian public libraries.”]

Posted in observance of the Feast of St. Cajetan in the Roman Rite.