Check out this online  ebook/collection:

  • Annals Australasia (455 Selected Articles and various pamphlets), by Dr. Leslie Rumble, Fr. Paul Stenhouse, Ph.D., et al. Available online at the Wayback Machine  (which is the 5 September 2015 snapshot of the portal Sean O Lachtnain’s Home Page, now sadly defunct)
    • [N.B., This provides access to many very useful resources on faith, morals, and apologetics. The webpage title is actually: “455 Selected Articles from Back Issues of “Annals Australasia”—formerly known as “Annals Australia”, “Radio Replies” and the two ancillary volumes, and Various Pamphlets by former Editor of “Annals” — Dr. Leslie Rumble, and Current Editor of “Annals” and Author of Catholic Answers to “Bible” Christians- available from Chevalier Press by Fr. Paul Stenhouse, M.S.C., Ph.D. — Current “ANNALS” Editor”].

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