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  • “Contraception and the Infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium,” by Germain Grisez and John C. Ford, S.J., Theological Studies, 39 (1978): 258–312. Available in PDF format at The Way of the Lord Jesus (copyright 2009).

Posted in commemoration of the 44th anniversary of the Encyclical on the Regulation of Birth “Humanae Vitae”, by Pope Paul VI. In that great counter-cultural document, the Pope upheld the constant teaching of Faith and objective conclusion of Reason–that the marital act must be open to the transmission of life–against the consensus of self-gratifying modernity, even against the compromising priests and theologians who should have known better.

This historic act is the single greatest refutation of the Sedevacantists who deny the continuity of the papal office, and of the Neo-Modernists who deny the continuity of the Church’s teaching. For thus did the Rock of the Church, Vicar of Christ the Cornerstone, confirm the faith of his brethren, even as those communities who had separated from the one true Church were seduced by sensualist ethics. Our Lord spoke truly: “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathers not with me scatters.” (St. Luke 11:23)